About  the  Conference

Interdisciplinary Approach

This is the first scientific conference on Vajrayana pratices, bringing together psychologists, neuroscientists, and medical scientists together with Vajrayana scholars and practitioners to examine the effects of mind-body practices of Vajrayana – the Tibetan and Himalayan Buddhist tradition on enhancing human cognition and creativity. For a variety of political and economic reasons, these advanced Vajrayana practices are currently on the verge of disappearance.

Aims of the Conference

The aim of the conference is twofold: first we hope that this conference will help to attract scientific attention to these practices by uncovering their unique potential to enhance human cognition, and thus contributing to preservation of their intangible heritage; and secondly, we hope it will contribute to contemporary psychology and neuroscience by advancing scientific research on exceptional human cognition and creativity.

Vajrayana Practices

One way to understand advanced Vajrayana practices is to see them as methods for transcending the normal limitations of the human condition (not only in terms of consciousness beyond the normal limits of space and time, but also the achievement of higher levels of performance and cognitive capacities than are normally accessible by human beings). Particular attention in the conference will be paid to advanced Vajrayana practices, such as Tummo – “Inner heat practice” and Dream yoga.

Conference Outcomes

The conference will include proposing an outline of the most promising research directions and future scientific projects on bridging Vajrayana esoteric practices with science.